It is with great excitement that your Board of Directors announces the finalization of our 2nd official Chapter of the IPIA,  ABREGEL of Brazil in South America!

Per IPIA By-Laws, directors may by majority vote certify a chapter upon confirmation that the proposed chapter will operate in accordance with bylaws that are consistent with the Bylaws of the IPIA, and that includes PIQCS. After Board approval of the agreement and the ABREGEL PIQCS audit to be conducted by NSF Brazil,  IPIA Chairman Jeff Tyler and President Edmundo Klotz of ABREGEL recently signed to formalize.

Special thanks to:
--Sergio Nastari, Jr.,  IPIA member BON GELO for reaching out 10 months ago to start discussing the idea and for his grass roots efforts in Brazil to make this a reality.
--Carolina Rodrigues, of NSF Brazil for her steadfast work on the PIQCS audit, in English and Portuguese.
--Edmundo Klotz, President of ABREGEL for his ongoing efforts in management and communication with members, potential members and the IPIA.
--Cassia Lebrao, ABREGEL for her organization and administration now and moving forward.

ABREGEL Ice producers like IPIA Applicants will be mentored in preparation for their NSF Brazil PIQCS audit. Once the audit is completed, corrective actions if necessary will be submitted through nsf.org and reviewed and approved by ABREGEL/IPIA.  Payment of IPIA dues will then be submitted and permission to utilize the IPIA logo granted. ABREGEL desires to expand their reach of ice producers in the future to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

ABREGEL flyer in Portuguese attached.  Soon to be in English.

WE are so excited to WELCOME ABREGEL to the IPIA Family.   https://www.abregel.org.br/

*Canadian Association of Ice Industries was/is the first Chapter.